Child Assaulted While Walking Home From School, Trump Visit Puerto Rico


Child Assaulted While Walking Home From School

Prince George’s County police are telling Fort Washington residents to be on the lookout for a sexual predator. Officials say an elementary school-aged girl was walking home from her bus stop on September 28th when she was sexually assaulted. The incident occurred on Devon Hills Drive at Grasmere Court. The suspect is described as an Hispanic man with black hair and a mustache, around five-foot-eight and 260 pounds.

Trump Visit Puerto Rico, Shakes Hands With San Juan Mayor

President Trump is visiting hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico. In San Juan today, Trump promised “We’re gonna help you out” and shook hands with Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz. The meeting comes after a war of words between the two leaders over the federal government’s response to the hurricane and the growing humanitarian crisis on the island territory. The President will get updates on relief efforts in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands this afternoon. First Lady Melania also made the trip to San Juan.

Following Mass Shooting, NRA Delays Political Ads

The National Rifle Association is delaying the launch of political ads for the Virginia governor’s race following the worst mass shooting in the country’s history. The “Washington Post” reports the ads support Virginia’s Republican candidate Ed Gillespie, who has an “A” rating from the gun rights group. The neck-and-neck governor’s race has caught national attention this year. The NRA will reportedly delay its ads for at least a week. Meanwhile, Democratic candidate Ralph Northam has put off a series of town hall meetings focused on gun control. Northam was among many lawmakers across the country who said Monday that the latest mass shooting tragedy requires more than just prayers.

New Confederate Monuments

As Confederate statues across the nation get removed, covered up or vandalized, some brand new ones are being built as well. The Sons of Confederate Veterans are dedicating a $5,000, 7-foot-tall monument on private land in Aiken, South Carolina on Saturday. A marker honoring unknown Confederate soldiers was recently unveiled in a private park in Alabama, and another memorial has been installed outside a courthouse in Georgia.  Supporters say these new monuments are meant only to honor the Civil War soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the South.  But Benard Simelton of the NAACP calls them a “slap in the face” when Americans should be coming together.


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