DC To Tax Uber and Lyft To Fund Metro


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If the District approves a new tax on ride-sharing companies, pricing for everyday travel may change tremendously and you may have to start forking out more cash for your Uber and Lyft rides.

NBC Washington reports that Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi sat down opposite D.C.Mayor Muriel Bowser to discuss a proposal that could increase income for the metro.

Apparently, this proposal included a tax on ride-sharing companies was created in order to provide additional revenue for the depleting transit system.

Khosrowshahi stated,”We want it to be fair and equitable, and I think we are having discussions about that, as it relates to other similar forms of transit,” Khosrowshahi said at the event. “That’s an important part of the dialogue,” as reported in the Washington Business Journal.

Khosrowshahi has agreed to a plan that would subsidize mass transit and Metro, however; he said any tax on Uber would most likely affect the customer.

Browser stated that “I think we have a pretty fair proposal on the table.”

The ride-sharing tax is just a portion of D.C.’s proposal and city sales tax. There have also been recent talks of an increase in commercial property and hotel taxes.

Browser is set to review the bill Friday.


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