Families Reconsider Halloween Traditions Due To The Pandemic

Halloween 2020 is going to look a lot different this year now that we are adjusted to our “new normal”. What Americans are considering is drive-up trick-or-treating, fewer treats and dressing up only for pictures.

COVID has put a huge halt to trick-or-treating as it wouldn’t be safe to go door to door and receive candy from strangers. Now, companies like Lowes, CVS, Target and other big business have made it their mission to provide candy for children to pick up. They may offer treat bags or other goodies for children to grab and go. Candy companies like Hershey’s will be taking a small loss as Halloween is usually the biggest season for sales, but there is still hope.

Lowes is also offering the option to have a select amount of children come in and carve pumpkins to celebrate the holiday. Other venues are hosting drive -in movie options for families to enjoy on Halloween night.

Although 2020 is unpredictable, we are all still finding ways to stay uplifted and busy during this pandemic. Happy Halloween!