First Look – World Tour 2017 in Cuba

Hi! I’m Angela Stribling just back from spending 7 glorious days with 80 of our adventurous WHUR listeners in Havana and beautiful Veradero Beach, Matanzas, Cuba. I’ll attempt to share the experience with you with pictures and my perspective. However, I do recommend that you take that trip for yourself. You’ll love it.

After arriving on Sunday night at Jose Marti International Airport, we checked into our lovely Hotel Iberostar Central Park. A lovely hotel… Old charm, spacious, with a balcony. Which was a good thing because I loved taking photos from my window.

So, the adventure begins with a welcome dinner at Paladar San Cristobal. “Paladar” is a term commonly used in Cuba to refer to private restaurants. This, by the way, is the restaurant where former president Barrack Obama had dinner when he visited Cuba. You see his pictures all over the walls. Many photos of various celebrities all the way up to their 20 something feet high ceilings. (A common theme in Cuba to keep cool.. After all, heat rises to the top) We all thanked our gracious host, Chef Carlos, for the delicious meal and his hospitality. This restaurant reminded me of being at my grandmother’s home. Very warm and comfortable.

We began each day with a complimentary breakfast. And ended our days with a scrumptious dinner at the finest Paladars Cuba had to offer. We ate three square meals every day. So, the dancing to the lively music that was playing almost everywhere we went, and taking the stairs was welcomed exercise.

Our group of 80 enjoyed a walking tour of Old Havana. We visited Plaza de Armas where the history of Havana began. I found that very interesting. It was a lot to take in, and I loved every single minute of it. From Old Havana to modern Havana. We even saw a performance to teach us about the Santeria religion. Santeria is a Spanish word that means ‘worship of saints” and is a religion of Caribbean origin that developed in the Spanish Empire among West African descendants.

In Havana, we also visited a rum making factory, a cigar making factory, and my personal favorite… the vintage cars were everywhere. One evening, we were all treated to dinner in chauffeur driven convertible vintage cars.

The second half of the Cuba excursion was in a beautiful, all inclusive, resort in Varadero Beach in Matanzas. Matanzas is one of the most industrialized cities, with petroleum wells, refineries, supertanker facilities, and several sugar mills. You’ll see many beautiful hotels and resorts spread along the coast of Havanas Riviera. So beautiful! Many of us headed straight to the beach.

I have fallen in love with Cuba and I’m already planning my next trip there. Many thanks to WHUR, and Advantage International for a vacation of a lifetime. Hope you don’t miss our next WHUR World Tour.

Angela Stribling

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