Happy New Years SCANDAL Gladiatiors

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We know your Thursday nights are a little less exciting while SCANDAL is on hiatus.  Don’t blame Shonda Rhimes and ABC….blame it on the Winter Olympics that will be occupying prime time TV from Feb 7-23.

SCANDAL will return with all new episodes on Feb. 27, 2014. In the meantime we wanted to share this interesting tid-bit about the SCANDAL phenomenon.

We all know how fans like to text and post on Facebook while SCANDAL is on….but you may not know who one of the biggest SCANDAL fan is.  Here is a tweet from them:  “SCANDAL SCANDAL SCANDAL!!!!! This show is incredible!!!!” and “Wow! Scandal just got even more SCANDALOUS!!!”

The 77-year-old author of these tweets is one Marion S. Barry Jr. Yes, the former mayor of the District of Columbia and current city councilman there, who has a certain fluency in matters of scandal and politics. Barry explained to Vanity Fair magazine that he had heard members of his staff talking enthusiastically about the show and decided to give it a try one night.

He was instantly hooked. “Olivia Pope is the ultimate fixer,” Barry wrote. “I can recall watching an episode ofScandal, and Olivia was running down her strategy to a client. I actually played her idea out in my head and thought to myself, ‘That actually could work.’ ” The key to Scandal’s success, Barry said, is the casting of Washington, of whom he’s been a fan since her performance in Ray.“Kerry Washington is a magnificent actress,” he wrote. “I can’t imagine anyone else playing Olivia Pope. She IS Olivia Pope.”



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