I’m Going to Watch President Obama Deliver The State of the Union Address From His House

Mo-Ivory-White-HouseGoing to the White House never gets old.


It’s no secret to anyone that I am a big supporter of President Obama and for that matter First Lady Michelle Obama.

Back in 2007, I won a clutch purse signed by Michelle Obama, at the time the wife of Senator Obama who was running for President because no one else was bidding on it. I thought to myself “Is this real, am I about to be the only person bidding on this bag?”

The answer, yes. Since you know how the rest of the story went, it is securely in a safe now. Thank you very much.

I’m blessed to have been a recipient of the open door policy at the White House that the Obama’s have allowed. I’ve been to the Easter Egg Hunt on the South Lawn. I’ve toured the West Wing. I’ve been in the Oval Office, twice. I’ve met President Obama, one on one.

Going to the White House never gets old.


So, today, on Martin Luther King, Jr.’s National Holiday after sitting on a panel about race relations in our nations capitol at First Baptist Church of GlenArden, I open my email and find an invitation to watch the State of the Union address from…you guessed it…the White House!

A select group of participants have been invited to view the speech and then participate in a speaker series featuring Senior-level White House officials to discuss the vision and policies laid out in the speech.

I’m looking forward to attending, listening carefully to the speech, watching the Republican retort, discussing President Obama’s policies while at his house and maybe, just maybe, carrying my Michelle Obama clutch.

So follow me on Twitter @moivory and Instagram @moivoryshow because I plan to bring you the play by play from 16th and Pennsylvania because…going to the White House never gets old.




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