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More Security is coming to a local Prince George’s High School after a brutal attack on a teen

The number of security officers at Suitland High School will be increased this following last Friday’s violent attack on a 16 year old girl and her 16 year old boyfriend. Principal Nate Newman also told parents last night during a PTSA meeting that criminal charges have been filed in this case. Police are using cell phone video footage of the attacks that were then posted online, to track down those involved. The 16 year old male had to undergo 5 hours of surgery and he now has his jaw wired shut. One person clearly seen hitting and dragging the girl has been expelled.

A massive snow storm kills several in western New York State– more snow to come

Six people are dead in the western part of New York State this following what’s called lake effect snow. It dumped 6 feet of snow in a 24 hour period in the area, which left hundreds of motorist stranded on I-90. At one point four inches of snow was falling per hour. This morning Forecasters warn more snow is on the way, possibly as much as 2 more feet.

N.Y. Police make an arrest in the case of an elderly man killed after being pushed in front of a subway train

Police in New York have made an arrest in a case that captured the headlines last week. Prosecutors have taken 39 year old Kevin Darden for allegedly pushing an elderly man into the path of a subway train. The man was killed instantly as his wife watched in horror. Sources say Darden has a history of violence offenses.

The man accused of killing a DC Correction Official in her home, is due in court

The man accused of killing DC Department Correction Official Carolyn Cross is due for a hearing in Alexandria, Virginia today. 29 year old Dawait Seyoum faces first degree murder charges in the case. Investigators say that Seyoum lived next door to Cross’ apartment but the two did not know each other. The motif in this case is not known.

DC leaders vote on a major change to the cities civil asset forfeiture program

Changes are coming to the District as it pertains to where assets taken by police from citizens not charged with a crime go. As the Districts Civil Asset Forfeiture program goes,  the money goes to the police department. Tuesday, the city council voted to instead allow that money to go into the city’s general fund account. A final vote on the proposal is expected on December 2nd.

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