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Confirmation Hearings For AG Nominee Loretta Lynch Begin

Attorney General-nominee Loretta Lynch is promising to keep counterterrorism as the top priority of the Department of Justice.  In her Senate confirmation hearing today, Lynch argued that the struggle against radical extremism must be fought while adhering to the nation’s values.  President Obama nominated the former federal prosecutor to replace outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder.

Convictions For Civil Rights Protesters Tossed Out… 54 Years Later

Martin Luther King Jr’s daughter Bernice is calling it a “monumental day for human rights and human dignity” after a South Carolina judge set aside decades-old charges against nine civil rights protesters.  In his ruling today, Judge John Hayes said that the “Friendship 9” convictions are now null and void.  In 1961, the group of black civil rights protesters were dragged by police from a segregated lunch counter in Rock Hill. 

Florida Woman Jailed For Firing Warning Shot Released

Marissa Alexander is just beginning a two-year sentence of house arrest after she was released from jail Tuesday under a plea deal with prosecutors.  The Florida mother served three years behind bars for firing a warning shot in her home in 2010 to ward off her abusive husband.  Originally sentenced to 20 years, Alexander pled guilty to three counts of aggravated assault last November in exchange for credit for timed served.  She will have to wear an ankle monitor but will be allowed to work while serving the rest of her sentence.  Alexander’s case has become a rallying cry for those critical of the application of Florida’s stand your ground law for African-Americans and domestic abuse survivors.

“Beast Mode” Hat Could Land Lynch A Fine

The NFL may slap Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch with a fine for wearing his “Beast Mode” hat at Super Bowl Media Day.  ESPN reports the NFL is reviewing whether Lynch violated league rules by sporting the hat while repeatedly saying that he was just there not to get fined.  Players are not allowed to promote or wear brands that are not approved by the NFL.  Lynch owns the trademark to the nickname “Beast Mode,” which is in reference to his smash-mouth running style.  Lynch has faced several fines over the past few seasons for not making himself available to reporters.


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