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Police Still Searching For Suspect In France Terror Attacks

A suspect is still at large in France who is wanted in connection with a recent terrorist attack at a satirical magazine.  Officials said today that three suspects thought to be behind the attacks were killed after taking hostages at two separate locations, but a female accomplice is still on the loose.  Several hostages, perhaps as many as four, were killed at one of those locations.  Reports indicate the woman may have escaped during the chaos as police moved in.

Bishop Facing Charges In Cyclist’s Death

An Episcopal bishop is being charged in connection with a bicyclist’s death in North Baltimore.  Newly sworn-in city State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced the charges this morning against Bishop Heather Cook.  They include vehicular manslaughter, leaving the scene of a deadly accident, DUI and texting while driving.  Thomas Palermo died nearly two weeks ago after he was struck while riding his bicycle in a bike lane on Roland Avenue by a car that initially left the scene, but later returned.  Mosby says a warrant has been issued for Cook’s arrest.

Sentencing In FAMU Hazing Case

The ringleader in the hazing attack on a FAMU drum major is being sentenced to more than six-years in prison.  Witnesses said Dante Martin led the attack on Robert Champion following the Florida Classic in 2011.  Martin testified at his sentencing hearing, saying the incident haunts him and he prays daily for the Champion family.  The other co-defendants in the case were all sentenced to probation.

Free Community College Tuition With A Catch

President Obama wants anyone who is “willing to work for it” to be able to attend community college for free.  The President is in Tennessee this afternoon to announce details of the plan.  The proposed plan would have the federal government picking up 75-percent of tuition with the states picking up the rest.

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