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AirAsia Search To Continue Tomorrow

Crews will resume their search at daylight for victims and debris from AirAsia flight 8501.  Several bodies were recovered from the Java Sea yesterday along with wreckage from the Airbus 320 that went down on its way to Singapore over the weekend.  The President of Indonesia said the recovery of the 162 passengers and crew members is a top priority. 

Boehner Backs House Whip Who Spoke To White Nationalists

House Speaker John Boehner says he supports his new majority whip despite a lapse in judgment.  Louisiana Representative Steve Scalise admits he spoke to a white supremacist group in 2002 while he was a state representative.  Today Boehner issued a statement saying Scalise “made an error in judgment” but added that he is “a man of high integrity and good character.”

Bowie State Fraternity Suspended

Bowie State University is suspending the activities of a fraternity accused of abuse during its hazing rituals.  The school yesterday announced that the action taken against Alpha Phi Alpha is standard protocol in such a situation.  Twenty-year-old student Kevin Hayes is suing the fraternity for three-million dollars, saying he was assaulted and harassed when he tried to join the group in 2013.  Bowie State officials say anyone who violates the fraternity anti-hazing policy will be immediately suspended with recommendation for expulsion.

Porn Website Shows Women Riding Metro

A pornographic website is reportedly featuring video of women riding Metrorail.  The videos often feature teens wearing shorts or skirts, and the victims don’t seem to know that a video is being recorded.  Metro Transit Police are looking into the videos which a spokeswoman describes as “disturbing.”  However, it’s unclear if any laws were actually broken.

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