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The woman whose violent abduction was caught on surveillance video, is now back home in Philadelphia. Carlesha Freeland-Gaither, was found in the back seat of her attackers car, last night in Jessup, Maryland.

Delvin Barnes is facing charges in her abduction, along with attempted murder charges in Virginia in a seperate attack.

Amber Vinson, the Texas nurse who contracted Ebola, while treating patient Thomas Duncan, is speaking publicly for the first time. She says she has recovered from the disease, but still feels tired at times. She also says she would treat another ebola patient if she had to. “Absolutely,” Vinson says, “Nursing is what I do.”

The Governor-elect of Maryland, Larry hogan says people felt a “huge dissconnect” from his challenger Lt. Governor Anthony Brown, as they ran to become the next governor of the state. Hogan says on the campaign trail, voters who described themselves as “life-long Democrats”, pleged their vote.

Hogan’s running mate, Boyd Rutherford will become the 3rd African-American Lieutenant Governor in Maryland history.

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