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Delvin Barnes, the man police say is responsible for the brazen kidnapping of nursing assistant Carlesha Freeland-Gaither, will make his first court apperance at 1pm today. In addition to the charges in the Gaither case, Barnes is being held on on attempted capital murder charges in Virginia.

Maryland Congressman Andy Harris says he will use “all resources available”, to make sure DC’s new marijuana law does not go on the books.

The law could be halted if Congress, and the President act against it, during a 60-day review.

Former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice is in a New York City law office this afternoon, preparing to testify in his appeal hearing.

He is challenging NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell’s use of power by handing down 2 suspensions, first for two games, and then indefinitely, after he punched out his then-fiancé back in February.

Rice’s wife Janay is also expected to take the stand, this afternoon.

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