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DC announce an arrest in Deanwood Metro Station shooting…

We have breaking news out of the District this hour. Police have made an arrest in the weekend shooting death of 15 year old Devonte Washington. A 10 am press conference on the arrest has been set. Keep it right here on WHUR for the latest.

Egypt Hijacker stand off is over after 8 hours…

In Cyprus, Egypt the stand off with police and a hi jacker on a commercial plane is over. The suspect who claimed to have on a suicide belt has been arrested and the 3 passengers and 4 crew members were released unharmed. Officials say it was not a terrorist incident but that it had to deal with his ex wife who lives in Cyprus.

U.S. Capitol Visitors Center reopens on time…

The suspect who pulled a pellet gun on U.S. Capitol Police yesterday remains in critical condition after being shot by police. 66 year old Larry Dawson faces a list of charges. The U.S. Capitol Visitors Center where the shooting took place reopens at 8:30 this morning.

A computer virus hits one of the area’s largest health care provider…

One of the Metropolitan’s largest health care providers had to shut
down its on line operations after a computer virus hit them. MedStar
Health said yesterday it did not believe any information was
compromised. The FBI is looking into it the matter.

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