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A Forestville H.S. teacher is arrested for sexually abusing a female student…

It’s happened again. A local teacher has been arrested & charged with having sex with a student. This time it was at Forestville H.S. The teacher 45 year old Vincent McDuffie has admitted to having a sexual relationship with a 17 year old girl in school during the school day several times this spring. The Principle Nathaniel Laney has been placed on leave.

Metro’s GM holds a press conference to update community on the start of “Safe Track” plan…

Metro’s GM is set to hold a press conference later today about tonight’s phase one of it’s year long “Safe Track Plan”. It will start in VA but DC Mayor Bowser believes the city will be affected. The District will also increase the number of traffic control officers and a $2 per trip bike share option will now be offered to help relieve traffic congestion.

A tragic ending to the search for an abducted black male teen…

In Detroit, Michigan — a tragic ending to the search for an abducted 13 black female. The body of Deontae Mitchell was found in a field just outside of the city days after she was taken earlier this week by a stranger as she and her cousin stood outside of a grocery store. Police have made one arrest but they are reportedly looking for two other men involved in the abduction and murder.

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