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Ferguson protesters close down the 14st Street Bridge

Right now protesters calling for justice for Michael Brown and a change on how police handle and treat African American’s have shut down the 14 Street Bridge at D Street in NW. No arrests have been made.

President Obama talks with young civil leaders about Ferguson

President Obama is preparing for a White House meeting today on the protests in Ferguson, Missouri. The President is set meet with young civil rights leaders, clergy, his cabinet and law enforcement officials. The Commander is Chief will also review federal programs that provide police departments with military style weapons.

A Ferguson Commission meets today

A Missouri state Commission made up of 9 Blacks and 5 Whites will meet today to discuss the economic and social impacts of the shooting in Ferguson. Meanwhile, over the weekend Darren Wilson resigned from the Ferguson police department. Ferguson officials say Wilson’s letter of resignation was accepted and that he will not get a severance package.

Prince George’s & Montgomery County officials are sworn in today

Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker along with the entire county council will be sworn into office today at 10:45 at the Administrative Building. At 11:15 Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett and nine Councilmember will be sworn in as well. Today’s ceremony at Richard Montgomery High School. Both events are open to the public.

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