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The train operator of Amtrak train 188 says he does not remember the accident…

The NTSB has revealed that Amtrak train 188 was going 160 mph over twice the speed limit for the sharp turn where the train derailed. Officials are not done with thief investigation and they have not listed the cause. The operator Brandon Bostian says he does not remember the accident. He has hired an attorney. About 12 people remain unaccounted for. Travel remains limited from Union Station to Philadelphia. There’s no service from Philadelphia to New York.

Police in Maryland search for the male who sexually assaulted a young girl in a hallway of an apartment…

Prince George’s County Police are asking for the publics help in identifying the male who sexually assaulted a 12 year old yesterday in Forestville. Police have released a video of a person of interest. The 12 year old said the man was on the elevator with her and when she got off the elevator he followed her and attacked her in the hallway. The incident happened in an apartment building in the 21-hundred block of Brooks Drive. The video is posted on my social media accounts.

Two new leaders join the DC City Council …

Two new City Council Members are set to take the oath of office today. Brandon Todd for Ward 4 and LaRuby May for Ward 8. A special ceremony will be held tonight for them at 6:30 at the Wilson Building.

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