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A massive snow storm in New York leaves 6 dead

Western New York was pounded by a massive snow storm yesterday, four inches and hour. When is was all said in done more than 5 feet of snow was on the ground six people were killed and hundreds more were left stranded on I-90. Forecasters are warning more snow is on the way.

The man accused of killing DC Correction Official Carolyn Cross heads to court

The man accused of killing DC Department Corrections Official Carolyn Cross is due for a hearing today in an Alexandria Courtroom. Dawait Seyoum faces first degree murder in the case. The 29 year old lived next door to Cross’ apartment building but the two did not know each other. A motif in the case has not been released.

Gun sales near Ferguson, Missouri double in the last few weeks

Tension in Ferguson, Missouri remains high as they await a decision from the grand jury in the Michael Brown case. What’s disturbing to many this morning is a report from CNN that states gun sales around Ferguson have doubled and many of them are first time gun owners. A decision from the grand jury is expected any day now. One local source hints that it could likely come this Sunday. WHUR will have live coverage as soon as a decision is announced.

More security promised at Suitland High School following brutal attack

Suitland High School’s Principal meet with parents last night and vowed to add more security officers on site. The student seen in several cell phone video that went viral has been removed from the school and sources say criminal charges will be filed against others seen in the cell phone video attacking the 16 year old on her birthday and her 16 year old boyfriend who was trying to protect her from the alleged bullies. The teen had to under 5 hours of surgery before they wired his jaw shut.

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