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Two teens are shot in NW this morning

DC police say two unidentified teens were shot in the 13-hundred block of 6th Street in NW. One teen was shot in the back and the other was hit in the leg. There’s no word on their condition this hour. Police remain on the scene.

President Obama holds a White House meeting about the problems in Ferguson

President Obama will discuss the issues that lead to massive nationwide protests following the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Today’s meeting will be with youth civil rights leaders, his cabinet, clergy and law enforcement officials. The President is also expected to ask why the Federal Government is providing military style weapons for police departments all across the U.S..


DC Board of Election set to decide on special elect for Marion Barry’s seat

The DC Board of Election is set to officially announce the vacancy of Ward 8 City Council Seat, once held by Marion Barry. Barry died last week and he will be laid to rest on Saturday at the Washington Convention Center. The board is expected to outline the timeline for the special election. It’s the District’s first special election in 17 years because of a death of a council member.

Senior GOP Staffer resigns after posting comments about the Obama girls

CNN is reporting the Senior Republican Staffer Elizabeth Lauten has resigned after the fire storm she set off following a post on Facebook in which she said the Omama daughters should “Try showing a little class.” The comments were made by the Communications Director for Tennessee Representative Stephen Fincher. Her Facebook comments follows the White Houses televised traditional pardon of the Thanksgiving turkeys. In her post she also said that the outfits the 16 and 13 year old had on wer inappropriate and that they looked bored.

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