In the News… @ Noon, 11-10-14

Additional arrests are made in the murder of a Woodbridge High School Senior

Prince William County Police say they have arrested three more suspects in shooting death case of 16 year old Brenden Wilson.  Taken into custody was 18 year old, Kymothy-Tyriq Wilson and an unidentified 17 year old.  A third juvenile remains on the loose. Investigators say the victim and the gunmen knew each other and the shooting was drug related.

Hundreds of Area Nurses walk off the job, locally.

Some 400 Nurse and Nurse Practitioners from Providence Hospital have walked off the job to take part in a national 24-hour strike. The Nurses are joining 100-thousand nationally, who want to call attention to some serious issues as it pertains to working with Ebola patients.  The nurses union is demanding better personal equipment to care for possible Ebola patients and interactive training on just how to care for some who may have the potentially deadly virus.

Montgomery County School leaders decide to remove all religious holiday’s from their calendar

Well, don’t look to see any of your favorite holiday’s on the Montgomery County School Calendar next year.  In a 7 – 1 vote the county school board voted to remove all holiday’s from the calendar amid pressure to include a Muslim Holiday.  Now students will still get the traditional religious holiday’s off, it however will not be listed on the school calendar.

A lame duck session for Congress began this morning

Lawmakers return to Capitol Hill today.  It’s the first time since the mid term election in which voters turned control of the Senate and House to the Republican party.  The new Congress will be sworn into office in January.  During this lame duck session leaders will have to approved a bill funding the federal Government beyond December 11th, renewing some tax breaks that are about to expire and decide if they will approve Presidents multi-billion dollar request to fight ISIS in Iraq.

In hardwood action, the Wizards are home tonight

The Washington Wizards host the Detroit Piston’s tonight at 7 at the Verizon Center.

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