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President Obama signs an executive order to change country’s immigration system

President Obama is on his way to Las Vegas, to follow through with a promise to improve the U.S’s troubled immigration system. The executive order will allow millions of illegal immigrants that have been living and working in the U.S.’s to apply for temporary citizenship without fear of being deported. Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell said Republicans are considering various options to counter the Presidents decision.

Attorney General Eric Holder urges calm in the wake of the Ferguson grand jury decision

Attorney General Eric Holder is the latest person to come out and urge the nation to remain calm no matter what decision is made by the grand jury looking into the Ferguson, Missouri shooting of unarmed African American teen Michael Brown. Overnight, Brown’s father issued a video asking for supporters not to be violent if the outcome is not as they hope. CNN is reporting that Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson is in talks to resign from the force. CNN has been reporting that the grand jury in the Michael Brown case is likely to announce thier decision today, following a scheduled meeting. Overnight protestors clashed with police. Several people were arrested.

DC’s Mayor for life is admitted into the hospital

DC councilman and former Mayor Marion Barry has been admitted into Howard University Hospital. The 78 year old was rushed in after complaining of not feeling well. The politician known as DC’s Mayor for life is reportedly resting comfortably.

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