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Quadruple shooting in DC and stabbing overnight…

It was another violent night in the District. There was a quadruple shooting and a stabbing. The most recent incident happened at 11 last night on 19th Street in S.E. Three male victims were found there. In a separate case a man was shot on Hayes Street in NE and just after 10:30 a man was stabbed along Alabama Avenue in S.E. No arrests have been made. All are expected to survive.

Md Principal releaved of his duty following a teacher who admitted to having sex with a student, at school…

A P.G. Co Principal has been removed from his position this after a teacher admits to having a sexual relationship with a female student at school, multiple times this spring. Forestville H.S. Principle Nathaniel Laney has been placed on leave and 45 year old teacher Vincent McDuffie has been charged with sexually abusing a 17 year old student.

Wrongful death suit filed against Fairfax County Police in death of Natasha McKenna…

A 15 million dollar lawsuit has been filed against he Fairfax County Sheriff’s Department in the death of Natasha McKenna last year. McKenna is the 37 year old a.a. woman who was mentally ill and who was handcuffed and tased multiple times while officers were trying to take her out of her cell. The wrongful death suit claims officers did not follow the proper procedures in removing McKenna from her cell.

Baltimore’s State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby is already benefiting from her high profile Freddie Gray proceedings…

The “Baltimore Sun” says since filing criminal charges against 6 officers in Gray’s death Mosby has been in high demand for speaking engagements. In fact, she has already accepted 12-thousand dollars in free travel for events around the country. Mosby says she doesn’t feel that tax payers should foot the bill for her travel.

Metro’s “Safe Track” starts tonight in Virginia…

Before tonight’s midnight start of Metro’s “Safe Track” plan Metro’s GM Paul Wiedfeld will update the public this afternoon on the first phase of the desperately need repairs. In response to the single tracking in Va, DC Mayor Bowser says they will increase the number of traffic control officers on the streets at bus bridges and street intersections. Phase One will run from tonight a midnight until June 18th.
Phase two will affect commuters who use the Eastern Market & Benning Road Metro stations.

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