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DC Police searching for a missing child…

DC Police are asking for the public’s help in finding a critically missing child. 12 year old Elijah Howard was last seen on Friday in The 3300 block of D street in S.E.. You can see an image of him on any of my social media accounts @ Taylorthomas963.

MGM is preparing for a two day job fair this week…

We are a few months from the grand opening of the MGM at the National Harbor in Prince George’s County. The casino is now looking for hundreds of workers from dealers to servers. This Wednesday and Thursday job fair will be held at the Borgata Hotel & Casino.

Today marks 2nd Anniversary of Michael Brown’s death…

Today marks the 2nd Anniversary of the death of unarmed 18 year old Michael Brown was shot & killed by a Ferguson, Missouri Police Officer. Brown’s death sparked a national outcry and birth the “Black Lives Matter” movement. In May, Ferguson sworn in a new police chief. The Brown family has filed a lawsuit against the city of Ferguson.

Trump, Clinton and now McMullin are in a race for the White House…

Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump is slumping in the polls and dealing with fall out from fellow GOP members. 50 Republican National Security experts have signed off on an open letter saying he is not ready to be President. After delivering his economic speech before supporters yesterday in a hopes of getting back on message, Trump told Fox News’ “Fox & friends” that his daughter was very involved with his tax plan, which helps mothers. Trump is campaigning in North Carolina while Hillary Clinton who has a 10 point lead in a new NBC News Survey Monkey polls has a stop in Miami, Florida. Republican turned independent former CIA Operative Evan McMullin is hoping to prevent both Clinton and Trump from winning the White House.

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