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Thanksgiving Travel is being hampered by a big winter storm

A Nor’ eastern coming up the eastern coast is
threatening travel for thousands head out to see
family and friends for thanksgiving. Hundreds
of flights have been canceled. The immediate DC
area is only expecting a dusting. area’s north and
west of us could see 1 to 6 inches.

Funeral arraignments have been made for Marion Barry

WRC-TV is reporting that Marion Barry’s funeral
will be held next Saturday, December 6th at the
Washington Convention Center. Barry’s body
will lie in repose at the Wilson Building next
Thursday. He will be buried at the historic
Congressional Cemetery on Capitol Hill. Mayor
Gray is expected to announce the city’s plan to
honor the former Mayor at 1 today.

Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson talks publicly about what happened on August 9th

Ferguson police office Darren Wilson is talking
about the events leading up to the fatal August 9th
shooting of Michael Brown. He told ABC’s “World
News Tonight” that he was in fear for his life and
that brown confronted him while he was in his
police car. Wilson admitted that he had never fired his gun
before that incident. Now earlier this morning
Micheal Browns parents appeared on CBS’ “This
Morning” and they said that there son doesn’t have a
history of violence and that they do not believe
the story Wilson told the grand jury. The family is expected to file a civil suit against Wilson. The Department of Justice is still looking into the matter.

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