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Walmart employee’s hold protest outside select stores today

Right now Walmart employee’s are outside of the “H” street location protesting for higher wages. Nationally over 16-hundred Wal mart employee’s are protesting outside store locations in Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas and Chicago. They are calling for full time hours and an increase of $15 an hour. Today’s protest comes on the biggest shopping day of the year –Black Friday.

Ferguson, protesters call a “Black Friday” boycott

Michael Brown supporters in Ferguson, Missouri did not take Thanksgiving day off. They held a noisy but peaceful protest at a huge Walmart there. Today they will be at retail stores reminding residents locally not to take part in Black Friday sales to send a message to leaders locally and nationally.

Last day to sign Marion Barry’s condolence book

Today’s the final day to sign Marion Barry’s condolence book inside the Wilson building. The site will be open form 9 to 5:30 today for well wishers. On Thursday the man lovely known as the Mayor for Life will lie in state in the Wilson building for 24 hours. On Friday a special service and viewing will be held at The Temple of Praise in Southeast. Barry’s funeral is set for Saturday at the Washington Convention Center.

Washington’s NFL team is on the road with a new starting QB

Back up QB Colt Mccoy will start in this Sunday’s Colts game on the road over RGIII. Mccoy told reporters yesterday –he believes he has the teams support.  The Burgundy and Gold are 3 and 8 for the season.

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