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Florida’s Governor asks for prayer following this mornings shooting at FSU

Tallahassee, Florida police have not identified the gunman involved in this mornings shooting at a library on Florida State University’s campus. He was killed by police. Three students were injured one remains in the hospital. Florida’s Governor Rick Scott is asking for prayers from the American people for the victims and as the community tries to rebuild following the the tragedy.

Prince George’s County unveils a multimillion dollar initiative to help families buy a home

Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker, Attorney General Douglas Gansler and the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development have unveiled a $100 million dollar initiative to help families by a home. The Maryland Mortgage Program Triple Play Initiative will help some 500 qualified families with up to $20,000 with down payment assistance. To find out more about this program go to

President Obama prepares to use executive authority to make big changes to immigration

Tonight at 8 President Barak Obama will announce his plans to use his executive authority to make some major changes to the countries troubled immigration system. Sources say the plan will allow some five million undocumented immigrants and their children currently in the U.S. to permission to stay without fear of being deported. Republicans warn if the President goes around them it will set off a fire storm when they take over Congress in January.

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