Difficult People – What do you do when an obstacle is a person?

I’ve been talking this week about Obstacles in our lives. But what do you do when the Obstacle is a Person?

It’s amazing how one person can disrupt your otherwise great day. One person can make going to work an nightmare. We’ve tried our best by talking to the person. Or winning them over. But nothing fixes the relationship, why is that?

Several years ago I was dealing with a very difficult person. It was important that I fix this relationship. Just before I gave up, I decide to have one more face to face “Sit Down”. I spoke to my pastor. He explained that the problem wasn’t the person. The problem was the Spirit inside the person. I was struggling because I thought the person was evil. Nope, it was the person’s spirit. That’s Deep!

He advised me to pray and ask for God to speak thru me before I had my final one on one meeting. I did that. And almost instantaneous the relationship was fixed. It wasn’t great, but at least we got to a point where we could communicate and eventually fix our issues. Today, that person calls me regularly for advice. Isn’t it Amazing what we can accomplish when we ask God to guide our words and Speak for us!

If you are dealing with a “Difficult Person” in your life today. Remember, always pray for God’s guidance in the situation, he will always come thru for his children. Amen

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