Metro Fares Increase This Sunday…


With the Silver Line opening and a $750,000 promotional campaign to pay for, Metro needs money now as much as it ever did, and some of that revenue is going to come from new fare hikes that go into effect for Metrorail and Metrobus passengers on Sunday.

The upped fares, which were approved by the Metro Board of Directors on June 26 as a part of their FY15 operating budget, mean that rail trips will cost an average of 10 cents more and bus fares will go up to a standard $1.75 per trip (no longer distinguishing between cash or SmarTrip payments), according to an advisory posted on

Here’s the full fare-change breakdown:

To view new Metrorail fares for your specific trip, use Trip Planner with a date on/after June 29, 2014.

  • Fares will increase an average of 3% (about 10 cents per trip). Short trips of 3 miles or less will increase from $1.70 to $1.75 during off-peak and from $2.10 to $2.15 during rush hour.
  • The maximum rail fare during rush hours will increase to $5.90, from $5.75 today. The off-peak maximum will increase from $3.50 to $3.60.
  • A $1 surcharge will continue to be applied for trips taken with a paper farecard.
  • Passes will increase to the following prices:
  • Unlimited one-day pass $14.50
  • Unlimited 7-day pass $59.25
  • Unlimited 28-day pass $237.00
  • 7-day “short trip” pass $36.00


  • Regular bus fares will become $1.75, regardless of whether using cash or SmarTrip. Today, fares are $1.60 for SmarTrip and $1.80 cash.
  • Express bus fares will increase from $3.65 to $4.00.
  • Airport buses will increase from $6 to $7.
  • Senior/disabled fares will increase to 85 cents, from 80 cents today.
  • There are no changes to existing transfer discounts.
  • The 7-Day regional bus pass will increase to $17.50, from $16.00 today.


  • Parking rates will increase by 10 cents at all Metro-operated facilities.
  • Parking rates will increase an addition 50 cents (total of 60 cents) for Metro-operated facilities in Prince Georges County – except at Landover, Addison Rd and Prince George’s Plaza stations


  • MetroAccess fares will continue to be 2x the fastest rail or bus trip.
  • The maximum MetroAccess fare will be lowered from $7 today to $6.50For more, click source here 


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