New Report By DC Police Show They Stop A.A’s More Than Anyone Else

The Metropolitan Police Department has released a report on who they have been stopping. It shows that African Americans are stopped more than any other race.

According to the study between July 22nd and August 18th officer stopped a little over 11,500 people. Of that number 70% were African American. Whites made up 15 % of the stops and Hispanics were stopped 7% of the times. It also reflected that the gender of the person stopped was male. The report did show that 88% of the times the person was not frisked.

Surprisingly, in the District African American’s only make up about 46% of the cities population. DC’s Police Chief Peter Newsham asked people not to rush to judgement saying that one should not compare the percentages of those stopped with the District’s general population because most of the people stopped were not from DC.

The study was ordered by a DC Superior Court judge over the summer following complaints from originations that accused the department of profiling blacks. The courts also ordered the MPD to explain what happened during each stop.

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