Ra Brown, She’s @ Joe’s Place

Calm, Cool, Collected, Raquel Brown graces the mic @ Joe’s Place

RRAQUEL BROWNaquel is a Mother, Activist, Entertainer, Business Woman and Poet. All of these things add to who she is, but not to the sum of what she is. After knowing her for quite some time, in fact almost as long as I’ve been hosting “Spoken Word @ Joe’s Place she has always possessed an even temperament every time I’ve been in her presence. She is INDIGO! A rich earthy spirit that keeps it real in all she does.

Although a lot of us refer to Raquel as Ma Brown she is in no way old as the Ma reference would apply. It’s more of her nature that encourages us to call her Ma Brown. Now let me say this, she has embraced this understanding through experience and maturity.

Joe Gorham

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