Redskins Claim They Protect Their Cheerleaders Following Article

Redskins Claim They Protect Their Cheerleaders Following Article

The Washington Redskins say they support and protect their cheerleaders amid reports they were forced to pose topless. This, after “The New York Times” published an article yesterday with cheerleaders saying officials repeatedly crossed the line during a 2013 trip to Costa Rica.

Cheerleaders claim their passports were taken from them once they got to the Central American country. They say they were also required to be topless for a photo shoot while sponsors and FedExField suite holders were watching and had to escort them to a nightclub. The Redskins responded to the story with a statement that the organization is proud of the work the cheerleaders do and the women are contractually protected in a to work in a safe environment.

Camille Cosby Calls For Investigation Of Prosecutor

Bill Cosby’s wife is breaking her silence following the comedian’s guilty verdict. In a statement released today, Camille Cosby called for a criminal investigation into the “district attorney and his cohorts” in her husband’s sexual assault case.


She called them a “homogeneous group of exploitative and corrupt people, whose primary purpose is to advance themselves professionally and economically.” She said if they can do this to her husband they can do so to anyone. She also took aim at the media for their “relentless demonization” of Cosby. The comments come a week after Cosby was convicted of aggravated indecent assault.

White House Pressed On Cohen, Daniels Flap

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders is rejecting claims that President Trump was misleading reporters when he said he didn’t know about the hush money payment to porn star Stormy Daniels.


In a briefing today, Sanders said it was “information the President didn’t know at the time and eventually learned.” Sanders also defended the information flow out of the Trump White House and said — “We give the very best information we have at the time.” The President has acknowledged repaying attorney Michael Cohen 130-thousand dollars for the Daniels hush money agreement but denies having an affair with Daniels in 2006.

MD Crab Houses Lose Big Percentage Of Migrant Workforce


Folks looking for a job on the Eastern Shore have a big opportunity to rejoin the workforce. That’s because nearly half of the Shore’s crab houses have been left without workers who typically come from Mexico during the warmer months to pick crabs for the meat sold in restaurants and grocery stores. Many of those workers failed to get visas in the Trump administration’s new visa lottery program. Some processors are concerned that if they’re unable to find replacements, it could lead to a drastically reduced supply of picked crab meat and cause prices to go through the roof.

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