Respiratory Failure Is To Blame In The Death Of A Prince George’s Co. Couple In The DR

It’s all the talk here in the DMV. The death of a couple from Prince George’s County vacationing in the Dominican Republic.

Officials in the Dominican say an autopsy showed 49-year-old Cynthia Day and her fiance 63-year-old Nathaniel Holmes died from respiratory failure and pulmonary edema. More specifically the report found fluid in their lungs.

Family members here in Maryland are angry and puzzled over the sudden death. They question how both of them could have died at the same time in the hotel room. Day and Holmes were found on Thursday, the day they were due to return to the U.S. Police there say there were no signs of any violence in their room.

The two were staying at the Bahia Principle Hotel at the Playa Nueva Romana Resort. It’s on the Southeast side of the island.

They are the most recent Americans that have traveled to the Dominican that either went missing or were harmed. Last week a woman from Delaware shared her story & graphics pictures after she was allegedly beaten almost to death by a person and held captive at her resort. The man wearing a hotel uniform pulled her into a janitors closet and attacked her for hours. Only to leave her in a part of the resort to die.

The victim’s mouth was ripped apart, she lost one tooth and others were pushed out of alignment. Her nose was broken and she suffered an orbital fracture. She even had teeth marks on her hip.

Once at the hospital the victim and her husband had to force them to do a rape test. After 48 hours they only did an external swab. It’s still unclear if she was rapped.

Tammy Lawrence-Daley and her husband were staying at the Majestic Elegance Punta Cana. It happened back in January and no arrests have been made. In fact, the resorts insurance company said the hotel is not responsible because she could not prove it was, in fact, a hotel employee.  Daley is still trying to fight this in court. Daley has until July to get a Dominican attorney to help her.

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