Steve Harvey dedicates Father’s Day weekend to the “Fatherless”

by Mariya Moseley, WHUR Intern

Steve Harvey is one of my inspirations.

Family Feud Host, Comedian, Daytime talk-show Host, Best-Selling Author, and radio personality, Steve Harvey, has kicked off the start of the 2014 Steve Harvey Mentoring Program in Dallas, Texas this week.

The mission of the Mentoring Program is “to share, teach and demonstrate the principles of manhood to young men, enabling them to achieve their dreams and become men who are strong, responsible and productive”.  After receiving thousands of applications since 2009, 100 young men from each city are selected each year to participate in the four-day, three-night interactive program.

Participants between the ages of 13-18 have to meet one specific requirement- they must come from a single parent home, preferably a single female-headed household. This qualification displays that Mr. Harvey is targeting a specific group of boys with a clear objective – to change their lives.

Mr. Harvey has purposely selected Father’s Day weekend to conduct the program, because for several of the young men, it is not a holiday that holds many joyful memories.

According to a report from NBC News by Christine Armario, “One out of every four children will be raised by a single parent in the U.S. ” That being said, this specific program has greatly impacted the lives of many young men, teaching them to challenge the misguided traits of manhood and introducing them to positive role models.

I have been influenced by this program that Steve Harvey hosts. The impact that he has on these boys is very special. I saw it on the Steve Harvey Daytime Talk-Show. The producers brought some of the graduates of the program to thank Mr. Harvey for all that he has done. It not only brought Mr. Harvey to tears, but myself as well.

This program has sparked me to create my own mentoring program at the YMCA titled “Young Queens,” which will launch August 2014 in Greensboro, North Carolina. My platform is to help young women, specifically African-American girls grow by building self-esteem, emphasizing education, and help show them how to separate fantasies depicted in media from real life. My plan is to shape

the new generation and plant the seeds of success in our young queens.

Mr. Harvey has been the motivation behind my vision, and his extreme generosity towards building the next generation of leaders. For that, I commend him and respect him greatly, and I definitely plan to follow his footsteps by giving back to my community as well.

While the 2014 Steve Harvey mentoring camp has already begun, those who are interested in nominating a student for next year’s program are encouraged to visit

Also, to view pictures of this years program, follow Steve Harvey on Twitter and Instagram @iamsteveharveytv or his Facebook page, Steve Harvey TV.


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