The Obstacle Of Hate

You ever wonder why when you have a dream or a vision it seems like all the haters come for you? It’s amazing that just when you expect everyone to be happy for you, you seem to get the most hate.

The Bible speaks directly to this in Genesis 37, where the story of Joseph is told. Joseph was born into a great family. He was his father’s favorite son. His brothers already didn’t like him and that’s when the story begins. Joseph told his brothers of two dreams that he had, where he would be the ruler over all things.

Genesis 37:5 says Joseph had a dream. When he told it to his brothers, they hated him all the more.

Not only did they hate on Joseph, they sold him into slavery! The journey from there kept getting worse for Joseph. But all this time, through all of these trials God was preparing Joseph to be King!

The Dream is only the beginning. Haters are only a distraction because God will use your haters to propel you even higher! Amen Somebody!

So the next time you encounter a hater, just smile, because that’s proof you’re doing the right thing!

And That’s Your Inspirational Vitamin


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