Toni Braxton on getting along with her ex-husband after Divorce


“We are very caucasian, very white about it,” says Toni Braxton in front of a live studio audience during her appearance on “Bethenny”.

The recent divorcée appeared on the talk show to discuss her alleged retirement and her upcoming role in “Orange is the New Black,” and of course things got personal sooner rather than later. Apparently during a commercial break Toni talked to Bethenny about living in LA and co-parenting with her ex-husband Keri Lewis, and when the cameras began rolling again she said this on-air:

Bethenny: So on the break we were talking about you living in LA?

Toni: Yes, I am in LA and my ex-husband is there but we get along great. We are very caucasian, very white about it.

Bethenny: You are having a very white divorce?

Toni: We are really. We did.

Bethenny: Really. Then I have a very black divorce, no?

Toni: I got that means, I hate you Jodi, I hate you Jodi. That’s what it means to black people. (“Baby Boy” reference)

Bethenny: Got it, so a white divorce is your are bffs, you can live next door.

Toni: Black people we kind of look and say why is that? Why don’t they hate each other?

Wow…didn’t we forgive Toni already after that foolishness about playing in the snow and how white people’s skin feels different? But, talking to a white woman on national TV about how you and your ex being cordial with each other is a white people thing is a little insensitive…even if it was meant to be funny.

Way to spread stereotypes — and false information. Ever heard of John and Lorena Bobbitt? Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards? Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger? These are all famous white couples whose divorces and custody battles have made headlines over the years. If you listen to the mainstream media you would think black folks weren’t getting married to begin with, suddenly we’re having ghetto divorces?

We know, She’s a DMV home girl, and we should give her a pass since she was just trying to be funny in responding to a sensitive subject like Divorce.

What do you think?  Watch and listen for yourself and let us know your thoughts.


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