Topless in DC?


Washington, DC has a lot of laws that are set up as gender neutral.  Meaning…if something is ok for one gender than it’s typically ok for the other.  So goes the law for being topless in public…or Topfreedom as it is commonly known. 

We see men do it all the time. Granted, some of then shouldn’t. LOL. But, since it’s OK for men, why shouldn’t it be ok for women?  That is what the Topfreedom movement is all about.

Topfreedom as defined on wikipedia, “is a cultural and political movement seeking to advance gender equality by the recognition of the right of women and girls to be topless in public on the same basis that men and boys are permitted to be bare chested.  In addition, topfreedom advocates seek recognition of the right of nursing mothers to openly breastfeed in public, and of women to sun bathe topless.

In 1986 a woman represented herself in the District of Columbia Court of Appeals and won a court victory stating that the D.C. nudity law did not apply to any body part but genitals. Since then the District of Columbia has been legally female topfree.

Even though a top free law is firmly in effect, the police can still arrest women under the pretense of “disorderly conduct”.  There’s that old double standard again”.

Look at the map above to see which states are top freedom.

The green colored states are those where top freedom is in effect.

The orange colored ones have amibiguous state laws on the matter.
The red colored ones are the ones where the mere showing of the female breast in public is illegal according to state law.

Though the majority of states are top free, some cities in those states have passed (unconstitutional) ordinances that annul the state’s top free statute.

The following cities are officially topless “tested”:

  • Asheville, NC
  • Austin, TX,
  • Boulder, CO
  • Columbus, OH
  • Eugene, OR
  • Honolulu, HI
  • Keene, NH
  • Key West, FL at Fantasy Fest
  • Madison, WI,
  • New Orleans, LA, at Mardi Gras
  • New York City
  • Portland, Or,
  • Santa Fe, NM
  • South Miami Beach, FL (on the beach)
  • Washington, DC

How can I find out what other cities are topfreedom?

Simply google the city name and its municipal code and key in the word “nudity”. Do the same for the county where the city is located to be sure. Consult with an attorney before you try and challenge the law.


SOURCE: Wikipedia



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