Tracey Edmonds Rediscovers Love with Deion Sanders


It’s Friday and we’ve had a whole week full of hard news.  So, today we’re doing a lot of ‘feel good” stuff.  And what’s more ‘feel good” then two people in love….and their new “family” reality TV show that is trying to break the mold.

Prior to meeting Deion Sanders, love for Tracey Edmonds was something meant for those who enjoy quality time on their own.

Nowadays, she can thank God and Sanders for restoring her faith in the feel-good emotion.

“I always kind of hoped and pray[ed] and I’m always optimistic about love. I did go through those ups and downs after post divorce and you try relationships and certain relationships don’t work and you do sometime reach a point where you’re like, ‘You know what? I’m tired of forcing it, searching. I’m just going to focus on my kids and my work.’ No sooner did I do that then miraculously God puts someone in my life,” she said.

Now that she’s dating again, the sky is the limit. So much so that the m-word (marriage) has popped up in conversation.

“It’s something to figure out. We don’t have that quite figured out yet,” Tracey told CocoaFab about her future with Sanders.

As for the present, fans can see what their relationship is like when they tune into “Deion’s Family Playbook,” airing Saturdays on OWN.

“I fell in love with Deion the father and the family man. He’s the realest person that I’ve been with,” she said about what drew her to Sanders. “He is honest and truthful and beside being funny and making me laugh all the time and making life fun, I trust him as a man. That gives me peace.”


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