WHBC Gets New, State Of The Art Studio

CONGRATULATIONS to the staff of Howard University‘s student run radio station WHBC 96.3 HD3. Wednesday, the managing staff were handed the keys to their brand new, state of the art studio. WHUR 96.3FM‘s General Manager Jim Watkins built the studio himself.

“Thank you to Mr. Jim Watkins of WHUR and his team at WHUR because they worked in collaboration and took the lead and made today possible by moving the WHBC radio station facilities here on the first floor. We’re excited because you guys are going to be here visible, easily accessible and an intricate part of what we do here everyday. So we want to say a heartfelt thank you.,” Communications Dean Gracie Lawson-Borders said.

The WHBC studio has been housed in the basement of the communications building for years. WHBC managers and staff members are advised by their professional counterparts at WHUR and run the student station as a genuine business.

“What you’re seeing is a collaboration of the entire WHUR engineering team, custodial staff, facilities and the management. This facility will provide the kind of visibility we’ve always dreamed WHBC would have and I’m very proud to be a part of this operation,” Watkins told the crowd waiting in anticipation to check out the new space.

WHBC General Manager Chanique Rochester and Assistant General Manager Savannah Miller were ecstatic to receive the keys of their new home.

“I have learned a lot. I’ve had a lot of real world experience, a lot of media experience. I can only credit that to the staff over at WHUR. I love them. I value them. On behalf of all the WHBC staff and volunteers, thank you,” said WHBC General Manager Chanique Rochester. Rochester, who is now a senior, has been with WHBC since freshman year.


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