WHUR’s 15th Annual World Tour to Greece

A view from the pool at the hotel

WHUR celebrated it’s 15th World Tour with our listeners in beautiful country of Greece. It was a trip of a lifetime and a world away from traffic and the hustle and bustle here in the Washington Metropolitan area. We began our trip at Reagan National Airport and flew to New Wark, NJ where we met with the rest of our WHUR World travelers from across the U.S. From there we spent a little over 9 hours flying to Greece.

We arrived in Greece on a sunny and beautiful Thursday afternoon. We were greeted by our Greek tour guides and placed on a charted luxury bus and taken to hour hotel, which was a short drive from the airport. Once there we immediately took in the sites and sounds of Athens. In Athens the streets were very narrow and there seemed to be more motorcycles than cars. Watching them share the roads with people, cars and buses was scary at time.

From our hotel room window in Athens, we could see the Acropolis and the Parthenon. The Temple of Athenian just glowed at night with all the lights that surround this all stone and marble historic landmark that dates back to 438 BC. Acropolis sits high up on a hill that can be seen from any place in Athens. It was built in honor of the goddess Athena which the city took its name from. We spent the next 2 days walking and learning about this historic beautiful city. Greece is known as the birthplace of Western Democracy because it is democracy was initially invented. In Athens, we saw where the first Olympic games were held and we got a glimpse of the United States Embassy which was heavily guarded.

On day three we traveled to Mykonos by ferry, no not just any boat it was a huge luxury liner that could hold over 500 people. This city is the most cosmopolitan of the cities in Greece and where many of the rich and famous from around the world go to play. The island is in the Aegean Sea, which was as blue as the sky. It was very windy, which the city is known for because of where it is located. The air was so fresh and there was always so much food around us to enjoy. Greeks love their olives and olive oil. I don’t think we had a meal that didn’t include it.

In Mykonos, we stayed in the 5-star hotel . We all had breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea from our bedrooms and every part of the hotel. Here we spent a day on a private yacht. We jumped from the side of the boat into the sea and swam for hours. Some even chose to swim to the beach and back. We had fresh fish of the day prepared for us on the yacht and we danced and fellowshipped with one another. We spent a good time on the dessert like island of Delos in the Cyclades. This small island that has one palm tree that has been there for hundreds of years is an archaeological gem.  Scientist have found a city and thousands of artifacts that date to BC.  No one is allowed to live or sleep on the island. At dusk everyone is escorted off the island.

Our travel in Mykonos included an exciting Jeep Safari tour through the country side. It’s amazing what you see when you go off the beaten path. In the city we ate, shopped and party and repeated it. The food was abundant and so fresh. We had a lot of water (you have to ask for ice if you want it). A traditional Greek breakfast included a lot of various bread, fresh fruit, Greek Yogurt, eggs, sausage, and fresh juice. Lunch and dinner ran the gamut but it always included lots of various delicious break, amazing creamy butter, fresh vegetables. We had Moussaka, Tzatziki (this is so good on bread) Dolma and of course Baklava. We also had also of delicious fresh fish native to Greece. We did not want for anything.

Each night we relaxed with a sunset dinner and sat under the bright stars in the city that glows at night with its all white buildings. Many years ago the leader of Greece made it law that if a home was not made out of stone it would have to be painted white. They actually used to cover homes with lime to keep away diseases but today they simply use white paint to keep the city looking bright, clean and beautiful.

If you have never gone on a WHUR World Tour, you are truly missing out. I highly recommend that you sign up to join us on our next World Tour to explore the world in 5 star accommodations.  It truly is an experience of a life time.

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