Did You Know Snoop Dogg Released A Gospel Album?

“I’ve always been thankful, I’ve always been blessed and I’ve always testified to who I’ve loved and believe in. And at the same time, it’s never been on the forefront. Now was the time with all this negative energy in the world and all of this madness to put together something that could represent peace, love and harmony for everybody and anybody. This is a Bible of Love and love is the only way we can cure hate,” Snoop explained.

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Triple Shooting In S.E. This Morning, New Evidence Is Discovered In Missing VA Beach College Student Search…

In the News @ 9
Triple shooting in S.E. this morning…
New evidence is discovered in missing VA Beach college student search…
DC Delegate moves forward with a push to remove a confederate statue from Judiciary Square…

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Ford Refuses To Renew NFL Player’s Endorsement Deal

The Phil Long Ford dealership announced it would terminate its relationship with Denver Broncos player Von Miller following his decision to silently #TakeTheKnee at a recent NFL game. The dealership claims the player did not lose his endorsement, rather the company reevaluated who they choose to represent their brand.

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