Allison’s Timeline: 4/2 – “Last I Heard, People in a Democracy Have a Right to Vote,”.

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Allison’s Timeline for today, Thursday, April 2nd was filled with the latest surrounding Dr. Anthony Fauci , Wayne Brady, Democrats postpone, Whoopi Goldberg .  If you missed it, check out the Audio below to hear what Allison had to say! 

Still want to know more? If you want all the details.. be sure to click on the links below to get the full story on each headline!   

Dr. Anthony Fauci under increased security after receiving threats: report, Click for more details

Wayne Brady Confirms He’s Self-Isolating with His Ex-Wife and Her Boyfriend, Click for more details

Democrats postpone presidential convention until August 17, Click for more details

Whoopi Goldberg spars with Bernie Sanders over his refusal to withdraw from the 2020 election, click for more details

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