AMPM Entertainment Report: 4/28 – Tyler Perry Urges For An Increase Of Vitamin D

Keeping you in the loop on what’s going on in the world of Entertainment.. it’s the AMPM Entertainment Report!   

AMPM Entertainment Report for today, Tuesday, April 28th was filled with the latest surrounding Tyler Perry, Scarface and Bill Withers .  If you missed it, check out the Audio below to hear what Allison, Marc and Coka-Lani  had to say! 

Scarface Gives Update On His Medical Condition, Warns Georgia, Texas, Other About Re-Opening, click for more details

Tyler Perry Urges Black People To Increase Their Vitamin D During The Pandemic, click for full story

Bill Withers Died of Cardiopulmonary Arrest, Underlying Heart and Lung Issues, click for more details

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