Is Drake Dating His Groomer Luisa Duran?!

This past weekend, Drake won the Billboard Music Awards Artist of the Decade Award and of course, many individuals in his life reached out to give him their congratulations. One woman in particular though has us scratching our heads just a tiny bit. In her congratulations post for the “What’s Next” rapper, she posted a mirror selfie alongside the him with his hands were placed on her hips and his mouth near her neck.

“Congratulations on artist of the decade. It’s been so amazing working with you these last 10 years. You are truly like a brother to me. #family #10moreyears”

It turns out that the woman is Drake’s groomer. Either way, most people when posting a congratulations picture for friends would go with a more professional or less intimate picture, but our mystery woman had a different idea. Her picture prompted fans to say things like, “Why he holdin you like dat den suh ? 👀” and “I’ve never taken a pic like this with my hairstylist or nail tech….”

What are your thoughts? Do you think there might be more going on behind the scenes or do you think they are “just friends?”