Matthew Knowles Calls Critics “Idiots” After He Learns That They Compare Chloe Bailey To Beyonce


Matthew Knowles, the father of Queen Bey, took to social media during an Instagram live session to explain why it is insulting to compare R&B singer Chloe Bailey to his daughter.

During the interview, it was brought to Mr. Knowles’ attention that people compare Chloe Bailey to Beyonce saying she is the “young Beyonce” of this generation.

He quickly responded asking “Somebody is an idiot enough to compare her to Beyonce talent wise? Answer the question.” The interviewer paused and reacted how many of us did who watched the interview.

“Are you telling me there are people saying her talent is equal to Beyonce? They are idiots, period!”. That was extremely cruel to belittle the singer to praise Bey. “That’s actually insulting” is what he followed up with. ” If you want to call our some Barbara Streisand or some people like that, like come on man”.

Many people gave him backlash for his harsh words and uplifted Chloe as she is still a rising star and may one day reach close to Beyonce talent wise! We never know! What we do know is, Beyonce is talented and so is Chloe. To pin the young star against your seasoned daughter is disappointing! We hope Chloe continues to rise despite what the haters say!