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Dr. Robert Zarr and the National Park Service. Health and Wellness is in the parks with Park Rx.

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  • The National Park Prescriptions Initiative (Park Rx) is a national movement to “prescribe” time in parks to prevent and treat chronic disease and promote wellness.
  • Park Rx involves a collaboration of national partners and subject-matter experts in the park and health professional fields with collective goals to  1) advance the Parks Rx movement, create awareness among various audiences, 2) address the operational hurdles present in parks and health collaborations, 3) hone and measure the best delivery models currently in practice, and 4) create the next generation of park supporters, visitors, and advocates through improved access to parks and outdoor exploration.
  • Over 100 million Americans suffer from preventable chronic diseases, and simultaneously, prescribing parks is being recognized nationally by the medical/public health communities and public as a low-cost intervention to influence positive health outcomes.

National Park Rx Day 2016


National Park Rx Day


Sunday, April 24, 2016


Parks across the country (National parks, state parks, regional   parks, county and city parks, and other open space)


To amplify the visibility of the nation-wide Park Rx movement in parks and communities across the nation and celebrate National Park Week. Park Rx is a community health initiative to “prescribe” time in parks to prevent and treat chronic disease and promote wellness and create the next generation of park supporters, visitors, and advocates in the process.

Also, please

Register for Park Rx Day 2016! if you plan to hold an activity or event.

Also, visit http://www.nrpa.org/ (NRPA) and check out the Connection blog with a feed on Park Rx…

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