Former Washington Redskin Fred Smoot: “If Dr. King Was Here He Would Say All Lives Matter, Not Black Lives Matter”

WHUR Better5Former Washington Redskin Fred Smoot joined the “Let’s Make It Better” conversation and shared an interesting viewpoint of race relations in America. While he agrees that racism and discriminatory policing are alive and well, he also feels the human race is responsible for destroying the justice system.

If Dr. King was here he would say all lives matter, not just black lives matter.”

Smoot has had several run-ins with the law and believes that people are generally a product of their environment. While TMG’s Mo Ivory understood the former NFL player’s viewpoint, Mo challenged his point.
Greg Pemberton, of the DC Fraternal Order of Police, weighed in on the “Let’s Make It Better” conversation and explained that following the Department of Justice‘s investigation of DC, it was determined the district does not have the same type of racial biases and issues as were discovered in Baltimore earlier this week. With a police force that’s over 60% African American and about 24% women, Pemberton expressed the force represents the community it protects.

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