Fox News Hannity Client Of Cohen, Starbucks Meeting

Fox News Hannity Client Of Cohen

Fox News host Sean Hannity is the mystery third client of President Trump’s personal attorney. Michael Cohen’s attorney in open court today said Hannity is the client Cohen mentioned in previous court filings. Cohen’s attorney argued revealing that Hannity was the third client was not necessary and Cohen himself argued that the revelation would be embarrassing. Cohen’s three clients include Hannity, President Trump and Republican fundraiser Elliot Broidy. Last week it was revealed Cohen arranged a one-point-six-million-dollar settlement to squash an affair rumor involving Broidy.

Starbucks Meeting

The CEO of Starbucks could soon meet with two black men who were arrested at a Starbucks in Philadelphia. The men were waiting for a friend Thursday when they were asked by an employee to leave because they had not placed an order. Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson expressed his “deepest apologies” on Saturday. The two men have agreed to meet Johnson and Starbucks said they could meet this week sometime.

Man Claims He Survived Crash In Ravine

A crash victim is in the hospital claiming he spent two days clinging to life in a ravine off the highway. Maryland State Highway construction crews found a wrecked car this morning in a ravine off Indian Head Highway in Oxon Hill. Nearby, they found Greg Eubanks. He was injured and was taken to a hospital. The 41-year-old Eubanks says he crashed late Friday night and was ejected from the vehicle. His family had been searching for him since Saturday morning. Police are investigating the crash.

Hotel Evacuated Due To Flooding

Heavy rains led to flooding at a hotel in Rockville. The Radisson Hotel on Research Court was evacuated just before 4 a.m. due to flooding issues. Over a hundred guests were taken to other accommodations via Ride On buses, officials say. Repair crews are currently on the scene trying to pump out water from some of the lower levels of the hotel. No injuries were reported.

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