Liquor Store Protest Scheduled, Ryan Will Leave Congress When Term Expires.

Largo Liquor Store Protest Scheduled

The Prince George’s County NAACP and other activists are expected to protest the renewal of a liquor store licence in Largo.  They’re upset at the owner of Largo Liquors in the Largo Town Center.  Last August, a customer was detained by the owner and store staff after that customer objected to how an elderly woman was treated by a cashier at the store.  Surveillance video caught a scuffle between the customer and store employees.  Activists say others have complained about disrespectful or other inappropriate treatment by store staff.

Ryan Will Leave Congress When Term Expires

House Speaker Paul Ryan is not seeking re-election. During a Capitol briefing today, the Wisconsin Republican made the claim that he didn’t intend to hold the position for long. Ryan stressed that he has no regrets despite taking the Speaker’s job reluctantly in 2015. There are growing concerns among Republicans that they could lose control of the House to Democrats in November’s midterm elections.

U.S. Still Weighing Options On Syria

Defense Secretary James Mattis says the U.S. is still considering an appropriate response to suspected chemical weapons attacks in Syria. President Trump has promised a forceful response soon, but Mattis says the U.S. is still assessing evidence. Talking with reporters today, Mattis said the U.S. military is ready to provide “military options — if they are appropriate — as the President determines.”

Second Cosby Accuser Takes The Stand

A tearful accuser has confronted Bill Cosby in court over allegations he knocked her out and molested her more than 30 years ago. One of Cosby’s lawyers asked for a mistrial Wednesday after Chelan Lasha said, “You remember, don’t you Mr. Cosby?” The judge denied the request. Lasha is the second of five additional accusers expected to testify at Cosby’s sexual assault retrial in suburban Philadelphia.

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