PG Budget Slashes Funds For School Supplies, Trump Condemns Syria Attack

PG Budget Slashes Funds For School Supplies

Teachers in Prince George’s County schools will have to do more with even less under the budget being proposed by schools chief Kevin Maxwell. A report by WUSA-9 says the proposed budget for 2019 cuts school supplies funding by more than 140-thousand-dollars. This comes after another WUSA report that found six central office employees received pay raises recently. Teachers in the county are known for having to buy many of their own class supplies.

Two Students Face Charges After Racially-Charged Fight

A pair of Chesapeake High School students are being hit with assault charges following a racially-charged fight. It was one of several race-related incidents reported at the school last week. Administrators are now working to ease the tension, including establishing a student-led “equity team.” Over the weekend, members of the Anne Arundel County Parent Coalition wrote inspirational messages in chalk outside the school’s main entrance that greeted students when they arrived for class this morning.

Trump Condemns Syria Attack

President Trump says he could soon make a decision on how to respond to the suspected chemical weapons attacks in Syria. Opening a Cabinet meeting at the White House today, Trump called it atrocious, heinous and horrible. He said we cannot allow atrocities like that to happen. Trump recently said he wants to pull U.S. troops out of Syria.

Topless Woman Charges At Bill Cosby

A woman who charged Bill Cosby while topless as he tried to enter a Philadelphia area courthouse is facing charges. Video shows cops intercepting and taking the woman into custody. Witnesses say the woman had “Women’s Lives Matter” written in red ink on her breasts and stomach. Cosby seemed surprised and shaken up but he was not harmed and entered the building when the scene was cleared. Meanwhile, the judge is delaying the start of the trial today while he questions a juror that the defense has raised questions about.

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