Reuben Foster Accuser Speaks About Alleged Abuse, Kamala Harris Aide Steps Down After Sexual Harassment Payment

Reuben Foster Accuser Speaks About Alleged Abuse

The ex-girlfriend of NFL linebacker Reuben Foster, accusing him of abuse, is speaking out. During an interview this morning on Good Morning America, Elissa Ennis said she felt police officers didn’t believe her when she called 9-1-1 and told them she was attacked by Foster. She alleges at a hotel in Tampa, Florida on November 24th that Foster slapped her and gave her bruises on her face and neck and caused a concussion. She says Foster flipped out after she threatened to tell his new girlfriend that he flew her to Tampa where he had a game to work on their relationship. She also claims members from the San Francisco 49ers, Foster’s team at the time, went to officers that same night and tried to convince them that she was lying. She said she was shocked to learn Washington’s NFL team picked up Foster after the 49ers released him because of his second domestic-violence arrest. Foster has been placed on the commissioner’s exempt list and cannot practice or play, pending an investigation.

Discipline Hearing Trial Date Set For Choke-hold Officer

(New York, NY) — The New York City officer who was seen on video putting Eric Garner into a choke-hold is getting a disciplinary trial date set for May. The mother of Eric Garner, Gwen Carr, is calling on the NYPD to fire Daniel Pantaleo and all officers involved in her son’s 2014 death. Pantaleo was at NYPD headquarters today in front of the Civilian Complaint Review Board. A medical examiner concluded his banned choke-hold partially led to the death of Garner who was being arrested on Staten Island.

Kamala Harris Aide Steps Down After Sexual Harassment Payment

(Washington, DC) — California Senator Kamala Harris is losing a high-ranking aide. Larry Wallace reportedly settled a sexual harassment claim for 400-thousand-dollars back in 2016. The alleged incident happened while Wallace was working as the director of law enforcement under Harris, who was serving as the California attorney general. A spokesperson to Harris released a statement today saying the possible presidential candidate had no idea about the settlement and she has been a strong advocate for the #MeToo movement.

Foster Parents Say They’re Not Being Paid

(Washington, DC) — Maryland foster parents who care for children in DC say they’re not being paid on time by contractors. The group of caregivers says payments are up to three weeks late and that it’s causing hardship for them and the children. The director of the National Center for Children and Families in Maryland said their caseloads have increased from 90 to 250 foster families but they are making adjustments. Foster parents claim this is the first company where they’ve seen this kind of trouble.

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