4th Grader Tries to Kill Herself In PG School, Funeral Arrangements Set for Barbara Bush and Study Says Maryland Is Best Prepared State

HYATTSVILLE, Md.– A Prince George’s County father says school officials did not do enough to assist his daughter when she tried to take her own life.  William Vannal says his 10-year-old daughter tried to hang herself with an art apron in the school bathroom three weeks ago.  But he said school officials did little to ensure his daughter was safe.  Vannal made this statement to Fox5DC. “I thought it was more than an incident. When a child is trying to take their life because other students are picking on them, I think that is an emergency,” said William Vannall. “I think some paramedics should have been there to make sure she didn’t mess her neck up or anything like that. I just thought more should have been done.”  He added, “We got bullying problems and now you got children taking apart equipment to try to hurt and harm themselves. I’m thinking there is no supervision in this school or proper supervision.”

The girl is a student at William Paca Elementary School in Hyattsville.  That’s the same school where 7 students slit their wrists three weeks ago using school pencil sharpeners.  School counselors have been called in.  Some parents say bullying is a major problem at that school.

HOUSTON, Tx – Funeral arrangements have been announced for former First Lady Barbara Bush.  According to funeral arrangements released late Tuesday, members of the general public will be able to pay their respects on Friday between noon and midnight at St. Martin’s Church, 7171 Sage Road, Houston and a memorial service by invitation only will be held the following day.  Barbara Bush, wife of one president and the mother of another, died Tuesday evening with her family at her bedside home in Houston.   She was 92.

On Sunday, the office of her husband, former President George Bush, issued a statement saying Mrs. Bush had decided not to seek additional medical treatment and would instead focus on what they called comfort care. The Bushes in January celebrated their 73rd wedding anniversary, making them the longest married couple in presidential history.

WASHINGTON, DC – A new study says Maryland is the state considered to be most prepared for an emergency.  The National Health Security Preparedness Index was released yesterday. That same report found the District of Columbia is doing slightly above the national average.  The report found on a scale from one to ten, DC was given a score of 7.2.  The District’s largest strengths were in healthcare delivery and community planning and engagement.  However, DC is below the national average in incident and information management, countermeasure management and environmental and occupational health.


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